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Seahawks Red Zone Off

Seattle Seahawks Red Zone Offense

I watched and charted every 2011 Seattle Seahawks Offensive snap in the Red Zone.  Below is a quick breakdown of what I saw by personnel grouping.  Disclaimer:  I’m an amateur, it was a lot of data, and I had a small screen so definitely factor in a slight margin of error. 

Favorite Play

The Outside Zone Run (or tackle zone) is the Seahawks favorite play by far.  It should be assumed going forward that the Outside Zone is the primary running play in each of the subsequent personnel groupings.  They will run it with a lead blocking Fullback (out of 21, 22, or 23 personnel) or out of Single-Back sets (in 11 and 12 personnel).  Lynch is good at turning this play into a big gain.

11 (Kings) Personnel

43 Plays (Run-16, Pass-27)

11 (Kings) Personnel Philosophy- Outside/Inside Zone Runs, Vertical Concepts, Primary Target:X Vertical

11 (Kings) Formation Tendencies-

            50% of the time they will be in a Trips Set of some type.

50% of the time it will be a Shotgun formation.

5 times they lined up in a Trips Speed formation

All sprint outs look like they are coming out of Kings Gun Trips Near.

11 (Kings) Alternate Y Line-up Locations

            Y Off-4 Times

            Y Crack-4 Times

            Y Wide-4 Times

11 (Kings) Types of Motion with Play in Parenthesis-

F3 (Bubble)

W-Yoyo (Inside Zone)

W-Deep (F Wheel) 

Y (Zone Run, Slant)

Y-Yoyo (Inside Zone)

11 (Kings) Personnel Red Zone Pass Targets

F-Wheel, Screen

W-Slant (lined up wide in Trips sets the other two WRs lined up inside of him run clear out vertical routes), comeback, bubbles.

X-Fade, vertical

Y-Out, slant, seam

Z- Hitch, curl, bubble

12 (Ace) Personnel

21 Plays (Run-11, Pass-10)

12 (Ace) Personnel Philosophy-Horizontal and Three-Level (Flood) Concepts, Zone Runs with U as a lead/trap blocker, Primary Target(s): Crossing Routes (To
    both X and U)


12 (Ace) Formation Tendencies-

            The QB is always under center in all Ace sets. 

            50% of the time it is a Trips set

38 % of the time both Tight Ends are lined up next to each other (Wing and Trump). 

They don’t line up either Tight End wide in Ace. 

12 (Ace) Types of Motion with play in parenthesis:

            F2 (U Out)

F3 (U Cross)

U (Zone run)

X (Inside zone)

X behind Z (Flood)

Y-Deep (F Swing)

Y-Yoyo (X Cross)

Z (Z cross, inside run)

12 (Ace) Personnel Red Zone Pass Targets

F-Swing, flare

U-Cross, out

X-Cross, post



21 (Regular) Personnel

20 Plays (Run-15, Pass-5)

21 (Regular) Personnel Philosophy-Run First, Inside/Outside Zone Runs, Quick Concept and Play Action Passes, Primary Target(s): Short passes to Z and H

21 (Regular) Formation Tendencies-

            The QB is under Center 100% of the time

            100% of the time it is an I Formation (3 times Off-set I Far)

            They don’t split any Running Backs or the Tight End wide. 

            They will line Lynch up at both H and F.

            When Lynch is lined up at F

They will either hand it to Lynch or fake it to him and pitch to H Washington

 33% of the time WR in Flip Alignment

21 (Regular) Types of Motion with Play in Parenthesis-

            Y (Zone run)

Z (Delay screen to Z)

21 (Regular) Personnel Red Zone Pass Targets

    H-Wheel (to field)

    Z-Screens, flag

22 (Tens) Personnel

13 Plays (Run-9, Pass-4)

22 (Tens) Personnel Philosophy-Run First, Outside/Inside Zone Runs, both H and F touch the ball equally

22 (Tens) Formation Tendencies-

            100% of the time it is an I Formation

            Both TE aligned to same side (Heavy) 5 times

            Y lined up wide one play

            Won’t hesitate to run the same Short Yardage play 2 or even 3 times in a row

22 (Tens) Types of Motion with Play in Parenthesis-

F Off (PA Pass)

U (Z Sluggo, Zone Run)

U Out (U Slant) 

22 (Tens) Personnel Red Zone Pass Targets



23 (Jacks) Personnel

2 Plays (Run-1, Pass-1)

This is a short-yardage grouping both plays were run with 1 and 3 yards to gain respectively.  One play was Jacks I Right lead dive with a Tackle eligible.  The other play was Jacks I Left pass to FB in flat. 

0? (Spread) Personnel

11 Plays (Run-0, Pass-11)

Personnel groupings that fell under this category had no RB in the backfield but on some plays I could not make out exactly if there were Tight Ends in the formation or not.  So in theory they could be 00, 01, 02, 03, personnel but they’ve all been grouped together under this (0?) Category.

0? (Spread) Personnel Philosophy-Vertical/Horizontal Concepts, Intermediate and Deeper Routes, Primary Target:W

0? (Spread) Types of Motion with Play in Parenthesis-

            Z Deep (Z Wheel)

0? (Spread) Personnel Red Zone Pass Targets

U-Out (away from Trips set)

W-Post, trips slant, screen

X-Post, Vertical


Z-Flag, Wheel

Concluding Thoughts and Notes

Kings Personnel is the Seahawks preferred personnel grouping by a wide margin.  (It is also their preferred personnel grouping on all 3rd down plays regardless of field position but I’ll get to 3rd down plays on another report).  They will try and take some vertical shots to the Y just outside of the Red Zone.  They like to throw Bubbles to the 3-WR Side of formations.  Sometimes they will manufacture that 3-WR side by using F3 motion (1 target) or by lining the F out wide (1 target).  Late in the season there was a noticeable trend to target the motion man. 

I know that Russell Wilson is starting at QB now so the play calling could change to suit his strengths.  However, NFL Offenses don’t change much from season to season when the same Offensive Coordinator is in place.  Therefore, it would be safe to assume that Darell Bevell’s Red Zone Offense in 2012 will look quite similar to the one detailed in this report.  The difference in the 2012 version will have more to do with whatever Russell Wilson does within plays (favorite targets, throws, or launch points, etc).  I believe that Russell Wilson’s skill-set and leadership will make the Seahawks Red Zone Offense more effective than it has been before under Darell Bevell.  Last but not least, none of this matters if you don’t tackle Marshawn Lynch.  Good luck with that. 

Tweet me your criticism, feedback, or suggestions for other Advance Scouting Reports @StarvingScout I’m trying to get better every day.

September 2, 2012

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